Inspire the Youth Foundation
Scope Of Work

Consultant for Montgomery YMCA Cleveland Branch

As a consultant, Inspire the Youth will administer and instruct the participants in the world’s #1 sport, futbol or commonly called soccer in the USA.  We explore the game of soccer, introduce it to the youth and families residing and/or working in the black belt counties and incorporate Inspire the Youth’s concept of being productive versus being destructive. 

The Black Belt Futbolaz League
We will establish a relationship with the respective adults to construct a futbolaz (soccer) league in the West Side of Montgomery.  There will be 3-5 adults responsible for each group of 15-20 children.  The adults will be tasked with being a coordinator, assistant and manager as well as forming a volunteer committee that will structure teams in the respective community. 

Leadership Development Through Futbol (Soccer) Training

1. Physical futbol fitness (soccer): To formulate a futbolaz (soccer) league in the black belt
2. Life skills: To improve reading, writing, public speaking, visit the elderly/sick and feed the needy
               · To develop leadership characteristics
                          - Core Values That Shape Leaders:  focuses on values and traits found in successful leaders.
                          - Leadership:  assesses leadership profile and adaptability.
                          - Ethics:  emphasizes professional conduct and personal honesty.
                          - Problem Solving and Decision-Making:  examines the basic techniques for conflict
                              resolutions and decision making.
                          - Teamwork:  addresses characteristics of effective teams; relationships between a healthy
                              team and an unhealthy team.
3. Agriculture appreciation:  To provide an atmosphere of knowing and appreciating nature
4. Cultural awareness:  To exhibit and teach cultures and languages from around the world
5. Enterprising ideas: To provide lessons in proper business ethics and self-sufficiency