Inspire the Youth Foundation
Preventing Childhood Obesity through Prevention


With the rise of childhood obesity, it is evident that if healthy measures are not implemented, the health issues (diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, etc.) amongst some adults within the Black Belt Counties, will surely affect the next generations as well.  It is imperative that this pertinent matter be addressed to start to minimize these health disparities which are lingering in the Black Belt Counties of Alabama.

What was done

The children ages 5 - 18 years residing in the Alabama Black Belt Counties participated in a series of soccer and health lessons.  It consisted of the basics of the game of soccer to implement a variety of exercises, an emphasis on adhering to the healthy types of foods (salads, fruits, nuts and grains, berries, etc.) to eat, and avoiding being a sedentary individual (watching too much television, playing too many computer games, endless surfing on the internet, etc.).  They learned about methods of administrating warm-ups, stretching, specific soccer skills and drills and aspects of competition.

Devotion to effort

Dedication to any activity should be met with some form of appreciation of existing.  It is critical to place yourself into that respective activity.  I have been involved in the teaching of soccer for the past 25 plus years.

The activities for each session and at every location would be as follows: 

A small talk on the overall concept of children and young people being healthy for the betterment of that individual, family and community.   We then proceed into another quick explanation on what will occur for that session.  Thus, controlling of the ball, whether passing or receiving, the participants need to have composure of the self in-order to exhibit that particular soccer skill.   At this stage we begin with stretching and  light jog around to warm up the body before the soccer specific activity.   Then the  student participants learn and display the soccer skillset for that day. Finally, they exhibit the previously learned soccer skills, along with the new soccer skills in a semi competition format (ex. 4 v. 4, 3 v. 3, 3 v. 2 and /or 3 v. 1).

Individual Development for Team P.L.A.C.E.ment

1. Soccer Skill: (Dribbling) is the ability to maneuver the ball with the feet to beat or dodge an opponent.      
Life Transaction: (Self-mastery) is knowing your temperment and being in control.

2.  Soccer Skill: (Passing) involves kicking the ball to a teammate in a precise manner.
Life Transaction: (Communicating) is very important when the respective  persons talk regularly so they may accomplish a specific agenda.

3.  Soccer Skill: (Receiving) refers to a player’s first touch as they control the ball, using any part of their body except the hands and arms.
Life Transaction: (Decision making) allows you to avoid the harmful elements (drugs, alcohol, bad friends, bad eating habits, lack of excercise, and unhealthy attitude which contributes to destructive situations, etc.)

4.  Soccer Skill: (Shooting) is when the student will be aiming to correctly kick the ball into the goal.
Life Transaction: (Goal setting) is preparing your heart, mind, body and soul to be responsible.

5.  Soccer Skill: (Defending) it is important for these students to learn to tackle and defend properly to avoid hurting themselves or the opponent, and to not commit a foul.
Life Transaction: (Good health) is a key element in the proper development of the human being.

6.  Soccer Skill:  (Heading) is the only way of contacting or controlling the ball when it is above the shoulders without using the hands or arms-which requires special instruction.
Life Transaction: (Faith) assists in being conscious of having hope that all will be well as you continue to apply your life  skills to the best of your ability.

7.  Soccer Skill: (Goal keeping):  This position requires patience and alertness as the ball could be directed towards the goal keeper at anytime.
Life Transaction: (The 11 Secrets of Success) are the foundation of benefiting the individual, family and community (goals, attitude, attendance, proper appearance, teaching each other, staying in the front of attentiveness, being ready at all times, creating good study habits and having a supporting group, presenting yourself well amongst the masses, respect your mother, parents, teacher and being strong in the heart and mind).

8.  Soccer Skill: (Laws of the game)  contains several rules that the students would have to follow so they will know what is to occur in the respective soccer game situation.
Life Transaction: (Values and ethics) are about being in a position to do and accept what is correct (i.e., The CREATOR has Blessed you with food, clothing and shelter.  You should be grateful for this and exhibit to others mercy and compassion as you would want them to exhibit this behaviour towards you as well).

The training will continue for all of the respective schools/communities to allow the manifestation of this BLACK BELT FUTBOLAZ LEAGUE (BBFL).  It would be beneficial to have several components in place prior to August 2014 (the fall season inception of this concept).  It is important to note that these communities are not receiving the well needed attention so that we may move this and other efforts forward.  Thus, the BBFL will need to train community based young adults to coach, manage and referee within this BBFL. 

INSPIRE the YOUTH has been serving Macon County, Alabama and surrounding areas for over 25 years as an in-school and after-school youth soccer program for economically and socially challenged families.