Inspire the Youth Foundation
Inspire the Youth is a community based, 501(c)3 non-profit organization which utilizes soccer training sessions to implement programs (being productive vs. being  destructive) that help improve the lives of the deserving children
of inner city and rural America.

a. Physical  Fitnesss (soccer)
· To formulate a soccer league which caters to all youth
· To provide lessons from soccer professionals and other athletes
· To establish a travel circuit to colleges/universities to showcase talent for potential scholarships

b. Life Skills
· To improve reading and math skills
· To promote public speaking
· To influence community service and environmental awareness
           - clean neighborhoods (recycle bottles, plastics, papers etc.)
           - visit the elderly and the sick 
           - feed the needy
· To develop leadership characteristics
           - Core Values That Shape Leadersfocuses on values and traits found in successful leaders.
           - Leadership:  assesses leadership profile and adaptability.
           - Ethics:  emphasizes professional conduct and personal honesty.
           - Problem Solving and Decision-Makingexamines the basic techniques for conflict resolutions and
              decision making.
           - Teamwork:  addresses characteristics of effective teams; relationships between a healthy team and an
              unhealthy team.
c. Agriculture Appreciation
· To provide professionals and/or specialists to teach in a workshop environment
· To administer small scale agricultural projects which promote sustainability

d. Cultural Awareness
· To exhibit cultures and languages from around the world
· To teach various languages from around the world

e. Enterprising Ideas
· To provide lessons in proper business ethics
· To teach practical approaches to self sufficiency
· To influence their peers to be involved